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Regardless of what part of Vancouver your home is in, pests such as termites, rodents, bees, fleas and loads of other harmful insects can be a problem. It generally does not matter what pest you are beset with from bed bugs to rats to cockroaches, wasps, birds and ants call our exterminator professionals to exterminate your pest problem. Pest Control Vancouver has over 16 years of business expertise and we provide a complete array of pest control services including but are not limited to pest inspection, termite control, bed bug treatment, ant control, mouse control, cockroach control, bird control and rat control.

If you are simply in need of a pest exterminator to take care of the problem, we are one of the pest control companies in Vancouver that can send an exterminator your way to exterminate your household pests. Require a fumigation or prefer an organic pest control solution? Just let us know.

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When insects, for example small insects and bugs, access your home discovering them is actually a challenge. Our qualified specialists have been solving pest control problems in the Vancouver area since 2000. Our seasoned professionals identify which insects, rodents and bugs we are working with then they will review the situation, and eliminate them.

A large variety of bugs, rodents and insects may cause health threats to members of your household and to any pets you could possess, and can cause considerable harm to your property. Insects and many pests are not a problem until they seize control your property.

We provide an extensive selection of pest management services. From our headquarters in Vancouver, our trained experts are able to give insect, bug and rodent control answers to both your home along with your company.

Whether you are a residential or professional consumer, Pest Control Vancouver has options that could satisfy and exceed your needs.


The types of pests we can eliminate are:




We can eliminate Carpenter Ants, Pharoah Ants and Pavement Ants from your property before they do any damage.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs stay near people, building their homes behind baseboards, in dressers, or within beds, bed frames and box springs and feed on the blood of humans.



Birds are magnificent creatures however they can also become a substantial infestation problem and with that bring a high risk of disease.



Cockroaches are carriers of various diseases since they are typically found near waste deposits or while in the home, where food exists.



If you have pets or animals in your household you could be infested with fleas. Fleas feast upon the blood of animals.



Mice can damage your home and food, as well as possibly spreading infection and contamination and behind walls, and nest in attics.



Rats reside in wall cavities and below floor boards, and can damage your house and contaminate your food. They breed very quickly and soon your house can be over run with an infestation.



An indication that you have raccoons around your property can be over turned trash containers or partly consumed garden fruits and vegetables such as melon or corn. Another indication could be damage to your property as they try to enter to get your loft or attic space.



Skunks emit a bad smelling scent during times of stress. The typical species present in Canada and also the Upper USA may be the Striped Skunk, acknowledged by the notable, horizontal white lines which run down butt and its back.


Wasps & Bees

Wasps and bees can be hazardous for the whole family as they are prone to stinging people. If you notice a wasp or bees nest in your house it is advisable to call a professional to deal with it.

Pest control needs diverse techniques consequently we offer various services tailored to meet the needs and the conditions of our personal residential or industrial clients.

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Commercial Services

Your pest control problems can be solved by us regardless of what size your company is. We, at Pest Control Vancouver, are going to continuously examine your premises and offer long term pest control options.

We utilize effective ways to control pests that is regulated and reinforced by the Ministry of the Environment. Our professionals are educated to utilize only the newest equipment and processes which conforms to all standards.

We handle a wide variety of insects, rodents, bugs and birds and can eliminate pest problems in both residential and commercial spaces.

Techniques our professionals use and the environmentally friendly products are essential to eliminate your pest control issue. Our workplace safety specifications are of the highest level and we continuously review them to maintain a productive and safe work place for all of our employees.


Residential Services

We provide a successful and environmentally-friendly service which is ideal to eliminate any bugs, rodents, birds or insects which have entered your house.


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Quality of Service Guarantee

Quality of Service

Pest Control Vancouver is dedicated to providing organizations, government and homeowners with all the highest quality pest control options currently available. Our people know that helping achieve the consumer's demands is our number one priority.

Within our company quality of assistance is of up-most value and our principal aim is always to fulfill every clients specifications. To be able to satisfy every customer’s needs we shall strive to constantly enhance our service delivery.

We genuinely believe that existing and future clients will answer positively to us once we show the quality of service that is supplied by our business.

Our determination to quality means we have established expectations for ourselves by continually developing checking worker data, our work, and confirming our customers' needs are satisfied.


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There are over a hundred species of ants in Canada! Most of them don’t really invade houses, but some can take residence and cause structural damage in your house, such as the pavement ants, black carpenter ants, odorous house ants, pharaoh ants, thief ants and Argentine ants.


In Canada, there are 6 types of birds that are categorized as nuisance pests, which due to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act protecting particular species from relocation and trapping practices can be quite tricky to control. Such birds include Canada geese, gulls, woodpeckers, pigeons, starlings and house sparrows.


There are 4 species of rats that can be found in Canada, namely the muskrat, bushy-tailed wood rat, Norway rat and Eurasian black rat - the first two being the native ones. These rats can transmit disease. They invade homes and contaminate things they touch. They are also known to attack humans while sleeping.


Bed bugs are not well-known to extend disease. However, they can really be annoying due to the loss of sleep and severe itching the target may feel having them around. Even worse, excessive scratching due to itch caused by bed bugs can lead to secondary skin infection.


Did you know German cockroaches could not keep themselves alive in areas lack of humans or activities of humans? That is right and a bad news at the same time. Also, cold temperature is what limits them to multiply, which can be bad news because your home’s central heating could be a reason for them to stay around.


Having trouble with Raccoons? Getting rid of Raccoons is really simple. One of the things you can do to discourage them from staying is to minimize, if not cut completely, their food supply within or around your home. Cutting access to water and shelter also works in keeping them out and away.


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Fraser Valley: Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Hope, Mission, Harrison Hot Springs.

Areas outside the lower mainland: Squamish, Whistler, Prince George, Fort St. John, Cranbrook, Kamloops, Merritt, Vernon, Kelowna, Penticton, Campbell River, Comox, Courtenay, Nanaimo, Sechelt, Duncan, Ladysmith, Victoria.


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