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With regards to commercial or residential pest control, you’ll find Pest Control Vancouver a super, exceptional as well as affordable resource.

You do not how these irritating pests got into your residential or commercial property. You simply want these annoying pests eliminated. Now contact a reliable pest control Vancouver, they will send you a professional pest control technician that will get to work right away, getting rid of unwanted pests to make sure your home or commercial property is safe and sound.

Pest Control Vancouver expert pest exterminators make every effort to be as eco-friendly as possible and the wellbeing and safety of you and your family are of extreme importance to them. It’s their belief that when they act correctly and sensibly and be friendly to the surrounding she’ll be kind and generous in return.


Residential Service

You can rely on Pest Control Vancouver Company to get rid of pests of any sort from your property. Your concern is their concern as well, and they treat your property with respect. They provide efficient residential pest control service. They eliminate lots of many types of rodents and insects. Mice, bed bugs, rats, termites, no problem! They know that you want these annoying pests to eliminate from your home right away.

Commercial Service

Pest Control Vancouver is a chosen exterminator for commercial properties in Vancouver and nearby areas. With years of experience, the company has proven results and has lots of satisfied customers. They know that pest issues could seriously disrupt the productivity of the business, trust them to address your pest issues immediately.


Home Protection Plan

Pest Control Vancouver is committed to customer satisfaction. In fact, they have made a Home Protection Plan in order to provide protection and peace of mind all through the year from pests. Their security service is perfect for at risk properties with frequent pest issues. This plan will ensure you’re covered from any kinds of pests.


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Coming across pests, small animals and insects within a property must be the last things on homeowners mind.

But, if there’s a serious pest infestation, usually it’s hard to eliminate and also they will keep on returning.

If pests get inside, it is so hard to eliminate them.

You can’t efficiently avoid and control them except you get the service of pest control Vancouver Company.

Our services


  • 100% Guaranteed Extermination
  • Pest Inspections
  • Treatment of Houses


  • Removing Food Sources
  • Commercial Pest Management
  • Removing/Cleaning Water Sources
  • Sealing Entry Points


  • K9 inspection services
  • bedbug removal experts in the area
  • Eco Friendly Treatment


  • Commercial Pest Management
  • Fly Control
  • Bird Control

How we work?

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State of the Art and Long Lasting Solutions

Pest Control Vancouver has been providing efficient and superb lasting solutions to insect invasion issues all throughout the Vancouver area. Their clients have been extremely pleased with the pest control services given. They have been certified and licensed to offer the best pest control solutions in residential and commercial properties within and around Vancouver for so many years now. They assured you a 100 percent satisfying as well as long lasting solution given by extremely qualified technicians.

Pest Control Vancouver utilize modern as well as state of the art pest extermination techniques like the application of heat treatments as well as chemicals which are eco-friendly, but very efficient in eliminating fleas, bed bugs, crickets and wasp successfully, and provide long lasting and efficient results without any signs of them, thus offering you a guaranteed solution.


Andy Rodriguez
I had cockroaches and possible bed bugs somehow in my room! Scary right! Pest Control Vancouver took care of it. David treated the whole apartment and made sure everything was gone in time. A great Thanks to Pest Control Vancouver
Dora Mayorga
This is the second time I have been looking for help from "Pest Control Vancouver" and I am very pleased with their service. I even linked my friend with these guys. Meni and David are competent and I find their work ethics effective. They make sure that all the work is done for customer satisfaction. The prices are very reasonable. I would recommend them to anyone who needs pest control in my area.


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